Travis Patriquin

Surging and Awakening
May 20, 2009

  The Gamble: General David Petraeus and the American Military Adventure in Iraq, 2006-2008 By Thomas E. Ricks (Penguin Press, 394 pp., $27.95) I. FROM CENTRALITY TO banality: perhaps no other event in modern American history has gone from being contentious to being forgotten as quickly as the war in Iraq. Remember the war? It consumed a trillion American dollars, devoured a hundred thousand Iraqi lives, squandered a country’s reputation, and destroyed an American presidency.

Powerpoint Is Poignant
December 16, 2006

by Eric Rauchway Sometimes PowerPoint isn't good or evil, just funny and sad all at once. Using stick figures and simple language, [this presentation] articulates the same goal as the president's in Iraq. The creator of this PowerPoint presentation, "How to Win in Al Anbar," was Capt. Travis Patriquin. But Patriquin will not see victory in Iraq. He was killed by the same improvised explosive device that killed Maj. Megan McClung of the Marine Corps last Wednesday. You can see the presentation in pdf here. R.I.P., Captain Patriquin. (Previously, we discussed PowerPoint here and here.)