Rahm Taking Direct Interest in Reg Reform
October 29, 2009

Earlier today, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner was up at the House Financial Services Committee testifying on the administration's proposal for dealing with threats to the financial system ("Too Big To Fail," etc.). One day earlier, he and White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel held a closed-door meeting with Democrats on the committee to field questions about the proposal and urge them to hang together. For Rahm, it was at least the second time this week he'd participated in an event with top Treasury officials.

October 12, 2009

Larry Summers and Tim Geithner go to tennis camp.

What to Like About the Geithner Plan
September 06, 2009

Treasury's proposal to increase capital requirements on banks around the world won't be loved by the financial sector, but the rest of us should give it strong consideration. There's little chance more capital would have prevented the crisis, but it would have made the ride down a lot less bumpy.

The SE&Ds of Change
July 27, 2009

China has arrived ... again. Beijing is growing confident enough in its own power and position in the world that it is increasingly and actively influencing world events. It can choose--and has chosen, in many cases--to play a helpful role in tackling shared threats. But China has also been standing its ground on disagreements with the United States.