Dear TV: Mad Men Season Six: Episode 11, Post 1
Sally is the secret protagonist of 'Mad Men'
June 10, 2013

She knows where all of this is headed.

John Oliver is Still an Outsider
And that's just what the increasingly insidery, decreasingly funny 'Daily Show' needs
June 06, 2013

As “The Daily Show” has become increasingly rooted in the umbrage of Jon Stewart, card-carrying member of the media elite, it has also become less funny. Goofy outsider John Oliver can change that. 

The Death of the TV Cliffhanger
And the rise of the penultimate episode
June 05, 2013

The big guns now come out in the penultimate episode.

Dear TV: 'Mad Men' Season Six Episode 10, Post 2
The children of 'Mad Men'
June 04, 2013

Dear Television is Jane Hu, Evan Kindley, Lili Loofbourow, and Phillip Maciak. This season, they'll be posting weekly letters about AMC's "Mad Men." While this is not a full recap, there are still plenty of spoilers. Read the last installment here.

Dear TV: 'Mad Men' Season Six Episode 10, Post 1
'Mad Men' does Joan Didion
June 03, 2013

In this season's California episode, 'Mad Men' does Joan Didion.

Arrested Development, Indeed
It's time to say it: The Netflix format just isn't working.
May 31, 2013

Why the show's new season struggles with the Netflix format.

Dear TV: 'Mad Men' Season Six Episode 9, Post 2
Peggy no longer leans in
May 28, 2013

Lean in, Peggy. 

Dear TV: 'Mad Men' Season Six Episode 9, Post 1
Status Quo Ante Bellum
May 27, 2013

Is "Mad Men" stuck on its own carousel?

Behind the Plastic Surgery
Matt Damon is the real star of HBO's Liberace biopic
May 24, 2013

Matt Damon is the real star of this Liberace biopic.

The Oklahoma Tornado Is Proof That Local TV News Can Still Be Powerful
May 21, 2013

Amid all the expensive camerawork and sharp matching windbreakers on the major TV networks’ coverage of Monday's tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, the best dispatches largely came from local TV news.