James Franco Will Not Save the Comedy Central Roast
July 11, 2013

The recent announcement that James Franco would be the subject of the next Comedy Central Roast has been met with general enthusiasm. “Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?” wondered The Atlantic Wire.

CNN Is Bad at Tabloid Journalism
July 10, 2013

Defense testimony for the Zimmerman trial, perhaps concluding Wednesday, has so far been something of a sideshow.

The BBC's Latest Import is Modern, Chilling, and Groundbreaking
July 02, 2013

The BBC's latest import—now streaming on Netflix—is modern, chilling, and groundbreaking. 

The Fixer Fixation
July 01, 2013

Ray Donovan; Olivia Pope; Michael Clayton. Why is pop culture so fixated on the professional fixer?

The Reality Competition Show, Deconstructed
June 28, 2013

“Siberia,” the bizarre new series premiering Monday on NBC, is scripted horror drama framed as a reality competition show, which means that it replicates the thumping suspense and quick camera cuts of  “Survivor” and “Fear Factor” and “The Amazing Ra

After Wendy Davis, the Strangeness of Watching Paula Deen
June 26, 2013

For anyone who has been following the news for the past 24 hours, watching the “Today” show this morning was a surreal experience.

'Mad Men' Season Six Finale, Post 2
June 24, 2013

Is Don realizing he's not this story's leading man?

Dear TV: 'Mad Men' Season Six Finale, Post 1
June 24, 2013

Is this the catharsis we've been waiting for?

Dear TV: Mad Men Season Six: Episode 12, Post 2
June 17, 2013

Don's a baby, Peggy's a "little girl," and Sally Draper is growing up.

It’s Time to Stop Pageant Shaming
June 17, 2013

After Sunday night’s Miss USA pageant, the internet reliably piled on the clip in which Miss Utah bungled the answer to her top-five interview question.