Dear TV: Mad Men Season Six: Episode 12, Post 2
Everything’s different, but nothing’s changed
June 17, 2013

Don's a baby, Peggy's a "little girl," and Sally Draper is growing up.

It’s Time to Stop Pageant Shaming
June 17, 2013

After Sunday night’s Miss USA pageant, the internet reliably piled on the clip in which Miss Utah bungled the answer to her top-five interview question.

Dear TV: 'Mad Men' Season Six: Episode 12, Post 1
Don Draper as Hamlet
June 17, 2013

In this week's episode, Peggy became Gertrude to Ted’s Claudius and Don Draper's Hamlet

Betty White Is Not a Sex Machine
Our culture’s cruel obsession with dirty old women
June 16, 2013

Our culture’s cruel obsession with dirty old women.

The TV Shows That Prepared Us for the NSA Scandal
Assessing a decade of surveillance television
June 13, 2013

If the details of the NSA scandal have seemed eerily familiar, perhaps it’s because TV drama has been playing out similar scenarios for years.

The Showrunner Fallacy
TV's auteurs matter much less than you think
June 13, 2013

Veneration of TV's auteurs does not explain TV's greatness.

Dear TV: 'Mad Men' Season Six: Episode 11, Post 2
'Mad Men' channels Freud
June 10, 2013

The sour little boys of "Mad Men" don't know how to love. 

Dear TV: Mad Men Season Six: Episode 11, Post 1
Sally is the secret protagonist of 'Mad Men'
June 10, 2013

She knows where all of this is headed.

John Oliver is Still an Outsider
And that's just what the increasingly insidery, decreasingly funny 'Daily Show' needs
June 06, 2013

As “The Daily Show” has become increasingly rooted in the umbrage of Jon Stewart, card-carrying member of the media elite, it has also become less funny. Goofy outsider John Oliver can change that. 

The Death of the TV Cliffhanger
And the rise of the penultimate episode
June 05, 2013

The big guns now come out in the penultimate episode.