How Realistic Are the Trained Cockroaches on 'Orange Is the New Black'?
Entomologists weigh in
June 09, 2014

Entomologists disagree on whether prisoners could ever train roaches to shuttle cigarettes between cells.

How Hollywood Gave Up on the Detective Story
Did 'Chinatown' doom the private eye?
June 09, 2014

Did Chinatown doom the private eye? 

'Orange is the New Black' Is Even Better in Season 2
June 06, 2014

We’re no longer seeing the prison through Piper’s eyes.

Louis C.K.'s Best Work Yet
Bringing you the Magyar Pixie Dream Girl
June 05, 2014

C.K. is straying from his comfort zone, and he knows it.

The Boring Sexism of HBO's 'Silicon Valley'
May 30, 2014

"Silicon Valley" doesn't skewer the tech world—the show just reproduces its toxic sexism.

The Media Forgets That AIDS Is Still an Epidemic, But Hollywood Doesn't
'The Normal Heart' is a damning indictment of our government's negligence
May 26, 2014

The Normal Heart and Dallas Buyers Club are ushering in a new kind of AIDS film, one that is finally willing to mount a damning indictment of our government's negligence.

Dissecting Mad Men's Hopeful, Saccharine Half-Season
May 26, 2014

As "Mad Men" nears its end, all the characters keep revisiting their past.

Spoiled Rotten
Thanks to the Reality Steve website, I know who wins "The Bachelorette." Why do I still watch?
May 20, 2014

Why do I still watch?

'Louie' Has Always Been Afraid of Continuity. Until Now?
May 19, 2014

Last night's "Louie" has the return of Russ and Daughters, Louie's Hungarian crush—and Pamela.