The Smart Fan's 2014 World Cup Social Media Guide
June 10, 2014

All the feeds the savvy fan needs to keep up with this World Cup. 

Bored to Death
December 16, 2013

Boredom at school is an epidemic. This map shows it—in real time.

Give Me a Break. @Horse_ebooks Isn't Art.
September 24, 2013

The English-speaking Internet woke up in a bad mood today after Susan Orlean, the New Yorker contributor and author of The Orchid Thief, revealed the two heretofore anonymous creators of a Twitter feed called @horse_ebooks.

What Jonathan Franzen Misunderstands About Me
September 18, 2013

Last week, Jonathan Franzen, the best-selling, award-winning literary novelist who’s known for the excellence of his books and his bold stands against Oprah, Facebook, e-books, iPhones, and overly generous assessments of Edith Wharton’s looks, unburd

Five Things to Know About Twitter's IPO
September 13, 2013

Twitter has announced its plans to join the stock market. We answer five questions on the social networking site’s plans for stock market flotation.How did the company announce its plans to join the stock market?On Twitter of course.

An Obnoxious Atheist Insulted Islam, and This is What Happened
August 12, 2013

Richard Dawkins, the famous atheist and troublemaker, has caused quite a stir with something he tweeted (and subsequently deleted) last week. "All the world’s Muslims have fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge," he wrote.

From the Stacks: “My Life With R.H. Macy”
August 08, 2013

Shirley Jackson died 48 years ago today. In her honor, her sharp-witted reflection on working retail, as originally published in The New Republic.

8 Things That Are Worth More Than the Washington Post, According to Twitter
August 05, 2013

With this afternoon’s news that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has purchased The Washington Post for $250 million, Twitter went predictably haywire.

Be Less Excited About Hillary Clinton’s Twitter, Please
June 11, 2013

Hillary Clinton joined Twitter on Monday. The political press and the feminist Twittersphere (many of whom moonlight as semiprofessional Hillary groupies) all but had to sit on their hands to contain their excitement.

The Myth of the ‘Twitter Police’
June 02, 2013

What a Washington Post story gets wrong about online outrage.