Putin's Targets
Will eastern Ukraine and northern Kazakhstan be next?
March 10, 2014

Just a few weeks ago, it was unimaginable that Ukraine’s sovereignty would be under attack from Russia. What might come next?

"Busloads of People Are Coming From Across the Border of Russia, Armed With Bats"
March 10, 2014

A frightening letter from Donetsk, which is in what you've been told is the pro-Russia part of the country 

The Bloody History Between Poland and Ukraine Led to Their Unlikely Solidarity
March 10, 2014

Despite the historic antagonism between Poland and Ukraine—or perhaps in part because of it—no one in Europe cares more about Ukraine now than the Poles.

Ukraine Crisis News Roundup: March 10
March 10, 2014

The latest news from Ukraine, recapped by The New Republic.

Russia Wants Much More Than Crimea
March 09, 2014

Now's not the time for empty phrases and childish threats.

Ukraine Crisis News Roundup: March 9
March 09, 2014

Russia's "Moskva" missile cruiser is reportedly heading toward Ukraine, Ukrainska Pravda reports.

Ukraine Crisis News Roundup: March 8
March 08, 2014

Russia threatened to freeze U.S.

The Age-Old Connection Between Russia and Ukraine Is Over
March 07, 2014

In the cafés, in the shops, on the streets of Kiev everyone is asking the one question that matters in one particular way: Will there be war? No one can quite finish the question: Will there be war with Russia?

11 Essential Questions About Crimea, Answered
March 07, 2014

Seven days have passed since Russia invaded Ukraine. This explainer will get you up to speed.

The Best Historical Analogy for Crimea Doesn't Involve Nazis
For precedent, look to Cyprus instead of Poland
March 07, 2014

For precedent, look to Cyprus instead of Poland.