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A Desperate, Deceptive Gambit for Romney in Ohio
October 28, 2012

Didn't think Romney could get any more dishonest? Wait til you hear what he's doing in Ohio.

Promoting Infrastructure Investment through Private Activity Bonds
October 25, 2012

The federal government contributed about 25 percent of total public spending on transportation and water infrastructure over the past decade. So, for good reason, many local governments and transportation agencies are preoccupied these days with the threat of the automatic across-the-board spending cuts from Washington. Even small cuts would be painful to overstretched state and local governments already scrambling for ways to do more with less. Increased private sector involvement in U.S.

The Most Important Tech Issue Nobody’s Talking About
October 24, 2012

Software patents aren't great debate fodder. But you'd think the candidates would at least recognize their importance when talking to nerds.

Can You Really Watch a Debate and Tweet It at the Same Time?
October 22, 2012

Are journalists really paying attention to what candidates say, or are they too distracted? The neuroscience behind media multi-tasking.

George McGovern, 1922-2012: Is Decency in Politics Always Doomed?
October 21, 2012

McGovern's death reminds us of the longing for unapologetic good-government liberalism and its decimation in a fallen political world.

François Hollande’s Apology Tour—and What Americans Should Learn From It
October 19, 2012

In France, apologizing for your country can be good politics. Maybe American presidents should give it a try?

A Middle East Cheat Sheet For Monday's Foreign Policy Debate
October 19, 2012

A dozen Middle East-related questions Bob Schieffer should ask the candidates.

The Court and the Future of Everything You Hold Dear
October 19, 2012

You shouldn't read too much into John Roberts's recent display of jurisprudence.

After Abbottabad: Navy SEALs and American Security
October 19, 2012

What's next for Navy's SEAL Team Six?

How Many Constitutions Can Liberals Have?
October 19, 2012

The strange theory of twelve constitutions in one.