U.S. Congress

Unbearable Whiteness
December 26, 1988

In this 1988 dispatch from Antarctica, Al Gore warns about climate change and the cost of political inaction.

Who Wants Peace?
September 28, 1987

MANAGUA—There is a small chance that the causes of peace, democracy, and hemispheric security could be advanced by the Arias plan signed by five Central American presidents in Guatemala on August 7. This could occur if democrats outside Nicaragua (especially Democrats in the U.S. Congress) are uncharacteristically shrewd and stalwart in forcing the Sandinistas to live up to the accord they signed. Timetables need to be drawn up for Sandinistas to meet, leading to full, representative democracy.

Thou Shalt Not Raise Prices
October 05, 1974

On the same day last week, President Ford, Treasury Secretary Simon and Secretary of State Kissinger—powerful and well-briefed men—described the world as teetering on the brink of an economic war that may pull down the structure of Western wealth. Although no shots may be fired, they warned, the war through its indirect impact on food production and credit arrangements may cause the death of millions and devastate national economies as effectively as did the armed battalions of World War II.