Valerie Plame Wilson

Reminder: Help Us Finish Plame Memoir!

Just a quick reminder to help us fill in the censored parts of Valerie Plame Wilson's memoir!  Winners will run in next week's magazine. --The Editors 

Help Us Finish Valerie Plame Wilson's Memoir!

Valerie Plame Wilson's memoir comes out today, and as you may have heard, the CIA censors have gone to town on it (so much so that she and her publisher, Simon & Schuster, sued unsuccessfully in federal court in an attempt to be allowed to publish more of it). As a result, we're a bit puzzled by what Wilson is trying to say in several of the book's key passages--so we're asking for your help. In the two passages below, please let us know what you think Wilson might have written before the CIA got its hands on the book.