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Portrait in Film
July 26, 1948

Chaplin: Last of the Clowns, byParker Tyler. Illustrated with Photographs (Vanguard Press; $3). Parker Tyler’s Chaplin, Last of the Clowns, has all the virtues and weaknesses of his earlier books. It is an inextricable blend of real depth and false glamor. Reading this book is like riding on a seesaw: at one moment you are fascinated by the author and at the next exceedingly irritated. Tyler conceives Chaplin as a clown with an alter ego.

Cabbage Soup and Caviar
January 17, 1944

A Treasury of Russian Life and HumorEdited, with an introduction by John Cournos. New York: Coward-McCann, Inc. 706 pages. $3.75. A Treasury of Russian Literature Selected and edited, with a foreword and biographical and critical notes, by Bernard Guilbert Guerney New York: Vanguard Press. 7,072 pages. $3.95. Some fifty writers are represented in Mr. Cournos' anthology and some thirty in Mr. Guerney's. Except that the latter goes much farther back into the past while the former includes a much greater number of contemporary authors, both volumes cover much the same ground.

The Communists and the CIO
February 23, 1938

In the mass of replies and counter-attacks written to answer Benjamin Stolberg’s “Inside the CIO” there has been one significant omission. The pamphlet, as everyone knows, was serialized in the Scripps-Howard papers in January, in twelve installments. As its main point was that Communists were in control of many CIO unions and were disrupting others, and as it appeared while the CIO was being attacked as Communist in New Jersey and elsewhere, it has provoked answers out of proportion to its importance as a piece of labor journalism.