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The Rise and Fall of a Radical Journalist
August 01, 2014

History handed Alexander Cockburn a great opportunity, but he blew it.

Democracy and the Human Heart
January 26, 2012

The Village Voice gives out theater awards called the Obies (for Off-Broadway), and during the 1980s the Voice’s theater department voted to bestow one of those prizes on the distinguished absurdist Václav Havel, who dwelled in the faraway absurdistan known as the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. In their New York productions, Havel’s plays ran at the Public Theater, and everyone who kept up with the downtown scene knew them well. The plays were splendidly mordant.

Lakshmi Chaudhry On How Obama Should Run Against Mccain
June 06, 2008

With the primary race finally wrapped up, we asked a few friends of the magazine to consider the type of campaign Barack Obama should run against John McCain. Up here is Lakshmi Chaudhry, a contributing writer for The Nation, whose work has also appeared in Wired, In These Times, the Village Voice, and Salon. Since Barack Obama has been so audacious in his hopes for his political destiny, let me be just as bold in mine.

Beatles Buy-Out
May 11, 1987

Michael Jackson turns "Revolution" into a commercial jingle.