Vladimir Putin

The Increasingly Awkward Conservative Crush on Putin
Mad about Vlad!
March 04, 2014

Strong, mean, shirtless.

Pro-Russian Fighters Beat Our Ukrainian Students With Bats
A dispatch by two eastern Ukrainian teachers
March 04, 2014

The protesters who took over government buildings in Kharkiv on Monday could not help being pro-Russian, since they were Russians, brought from Russia by bus.

Enough With the Cliches Already
The Obama administration's rhetoric on Russia is accomplishing nothing
March 03, 2014

The president should invoke democratic ideals, condemn the Crimea occupation, and shut up.

"The Specter of the Kiev Maidan is Haunting the Offices of the Kremlin"
Adam Michnik on the Ukraine crisis
March 03, 2014

Polish cold-war dissident Adam Michnik says the Ukraine occupation might be the beginning of Putin's end.

"Russia Is Repeating 1968"
A Pussy Riot founder on the occupation of Crimea—and the silence in Moscow
March 02, 2014

Pussy Riot's Maria Alyokhina on the occupation of Crimea—and the silence in Moscow

Russia's War in Crimea Could Have Happened 20 Years Ago, But Didn't. This Is What Changed
March 02, 2014

Western arrogance left Russia feeling humiliated—and led to the rise of Vladimir Putin.

Meet Vladimir Putin's American Apologist
March 02, 2014

We need to "understand" Russia's view of aggression? Try to apply that logic next time some American neocon calls for invading someone.

Here's What International Law Says About Russia's Intervention in Ukraine
March 02, 2014

There are only 3 cases in which a nation can use force against another nation. Does this pass that test? 

Vladimir Putin's New Axis of Evil: Liberal Russians, Ukrainian 'Fascists,' and America
March 02, 2014

When the dust settles, the lack of any long-term strategy on Kremlin’s part will become unmistakable.