Volcker Rule

Wall Street Is Dismantling Financial Reform Piece by Piece
December 19, 2014

Last week, it was a key Dodd-Frank provision. This week, it's the Volcker rule.

A Small Bank in Utah Has Launched Wall Street's War on the Volcker Rule
December 30, 2013

While you were getting that pair of socks you always wanted, the government got an unexpected Christmas present: the first lawsuit seeking to nullify a portion of the Volcker rule, which regulators just finalized a few weeks ago.

2013 Was a Bad Year for Wall St. Lobbyists
December 29, 2013

Everyone assumed the banks would prevail. They didn't.

The Volcker Rule: How It Will Work, and Why It May Still Fail
December 10, 2013

“As a starting point, we think the Proposed Rule is simply too tepid.” That was how Senators Jeff Merkley and Carl Levin opened their February 2012 comment letter to federal banking regulators about the “Volcker rule,” designed to prevent large banks

Why the White House Is Sweating JP Morgan
May 17, 2012

The Wall Street Journal has an intriguing story today about the anxiety in the White House over $2 billion-and-counting loss that JP Morgan announced last week. At first blush, the reason for the angst isn't entirely clear. After all, the loss would seem to strengthen the case for financial reform, which, as it happens, the president signed into law two years ago, and which Mitt Romney opposes. To the extent that JP Morgan revives the debate over financial reform, it would seem to benefit Barack Obama.  But, alas, the issue is more complicated than that.