Wake Forest University

No End in Sight
May 17, 2011

On October 11, 2000, then-Texas Governor George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore took their seats at a table on the stage of Wait Chapel at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, for their second presidential debate. The event was billed as a conversation. Jim Lehrer, the polished public TV anchor, was the moderator, and he took the candidates through an eclectic assortment of national issues, from gay marriage to education reform.

American Values and the Ground Zero Mosque
August 13, 2010

The case of the “Ground Zero Mosque”—that is, for those who’ve been on Mars for the last few weeks, the Islamic Cordoba House that is to include a mosque, along with an auditorium, a swimming pool, art exhibition spaces, bookstores, and restaurants, though it is not to be built at Ground Zero, but rather, two blocks away—continues to prove highly teachable, as the academy likes to describe topics amenable to Socratic or other instructive dispute. But the dispute hasn’t yet finished granting its gifts.

Animal Research = Silly
August 03, 2010

One of the challenges for crafting a fiscal stimulus is that the economic imperative demanded getting money out the door quickly, but the political imperative demanded avoiding any project that appeared wasteful. John McCain and Tom Coburn have produced their report chronicling "waste" in the stimulus. McCain's favorite method in such things is to seize upon any program that involves research into animals, because animals sound silly: The Coburn-McCain report takes issue with stimulus spending on projects like one that entailed research on how cocaine affects monkeys.