Store Lobby
July 25, 2005

On April 5, Wal-Mart did something that would have been almost unthinkable even a year ago: It held a press conference. After decades of rapid growth, the retail giant has recently experienced a wave of activist ire and bad P.R., from campaigns to block new stores to lawsuits over its lower-than- living-wage wages.

No Time for Comedy
October 08, 2001

I was hoping to do a review this week of the late-summer London theater season, but like everyone else in America I had to change my plans. Writing drama criticism seems very trivial labor after watching the herculean efforts of police officers, fire fighters, and city workers to retrieve the remains of victims buried under the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. How does one continue to evaluate plays in the face of all that grief and all that rubble? It is being said that among the many things destroyed forever by the terrorists was our innocence. They may also have killed--I hope temporari