Walter White

An End for Walter White?
How long-form television has changed storytelling
August 31, 2013

On Sunday, August 11, I saw an evening lineup beyond refusing.

Against Antiheroes
It's time to retire television's most overused buzzword
August 17, 2013

It's time to retire television's most overused buzzword.

Census Nonsense
April 07, 2010

When asked about his race on the census form, Barack Obama, the child of a white Kansan and black African, did not take the option of checking both “white” and “black” or “some other race.” Instead, he checked “black, African American or Negro.” By doing that, Obama probably did what was expected of him, but he also confirmed an enduring legacy of American racism. According to the Census Bureau, a little over 12 percent of Americans are “black, African American or Negro.” According to geneticist Mark Shriver, “the level of European ancestry in African-Americans averages about 20 percent.” Man