Warren Buffet

Obama: Make the Economy Work...for Everybody
January 24, 2012

We’ve come to expect grand things from the State of the Union: Major revelations about the president’s agenda, bold policy initiatives, memorable turns of phrase. And sometimes that’s what we get, for better and for worse. In 2009, for example, Obama used his budget speech (the de facto State of the Union) to lay out his ambitious first-year agenda.

Still 9.1 Percent
October 07, 2011

The new jobless numbers are out. They're apparently a smidgen better than was expected, but the unemployment rate remains 9.1 percent. Letting Warren Buffet pay less in taxes than his secretary doesn't appear to be doing the trick. Leading the recovery, such as it is, are health care and education, two sectors where spending is universally acknowledged to be wildly out of control. Have a nice day!

The Fighting Bipartisan: Has Obama Found a Solution for Republican Obstructionism?
September 09, 2011

Barack Obama’s jobs speech last night was not the speech his critics from the left had been asking for.

Today at TNR (November 4, 2009)
November 04, 2009

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Warren Buffett's Sound Investment
June 18, 2007

A few months ago Warren Buffet did something pretty cool: Seeing that world governments are doing a feeble job of stopping nuclear proliferation, he offered to pony up $50 million of his own cash (via Sam Nunn's Nuclear Threat Initiative) to fund an international nuclear fuel bank--a longstanding proposal for discouraging proliferators that has never gotten off the ground. Buffett's money came with a condition, however: It had to be matched by an additional $100 million in government funds or he'll withdraw it. Today the House approved a $50 million U.S. contribution to the fund.

The Temptation Of St. Warren
February 17, 1992

Buffett's principles—and Wall Street's.