Wayne LaPierre

Are Guns a Public Health Issue? Let Us Count The Ways...
April 03, 2014

Lead from ammunition. Loss of hearing from gunshots. Widespread PTSD.

Crackpots for Crock Pots!
April 25, 2013

Will Wayne LaPierre defend every American's right to build a pressure-cooker bomb? 

Breaking Up Isn't So Hard to Do
April 10, 2013

Why Harry Reid and the NRA parted ways.

Jolie's Gun
April 01, 2013

A 20-year old shooting, and what it says about fear, violence, and the current gun debate

Gun Shy
February 26, 2013

Funny thing about the NRA's Wayne LaPierre: He doesn't much like guns. Or people. Here’s why the gun lobby doesn’t care about finding a more cuddly spokesperson.

Hunters Have an NRA Problem
February 05, 2013

At what point does standing with the NRA become riskier than speaking out against it?

After Sandy Hook: How to Contemplate Politics Post-Tragedy
January 19, 2013

When I read the solution offered by Wayne LaPierre, the CEO of the National Rifle Association, to the ever-growing number of massacres at schools—that we need “good guys” with guns to protect us from “bad guys” with guns—I initially thought he was joking, a bad joke, yet joking nonetheless.

Walmart Could Be the Key to Gun Control
January 09, 2013

Why President Obama is smart to team up with the store that liberals love to hate.

Inside the NRA's Zany Press Conference
December 21, 2012

TV viewers saw a single rambling man at a podium. But at the NRA's disastrous press conference about Newtown, there was so much more crazy on display.

The NRA's Emperor Has No Clothes
December 21, 2012

Watching today's press conference by the NRA, one couldn't but think: Washington has been cowering in fear of THESE GUYS?