We Can

The Equality Inaugural
January 21, 2013

A second inaugural speech promises greater equality in Obama's second term.

How to be a Real “Redistributionist”
September 20, 2012

Here are a few things Obama could do if he wanted to be a real (or more effective) “redistributionist.”

The Red State-Blue State Divide, As Seen by Amazon Books
August 23, 2012

It's a good thing Mitt Romney isn't living off of his book royalties.

The Naked and the TED
August 02, 2012

TED Talks are more popular than ever. They're also more vapid, bland, and fraudulent.

Timothy Noah: The Movie
April 17, 2012

I woke up this morning seized with an uncontrollable urge to post Bloomsbury's video of me discussing The Great Divergence: America's Growing Inequality Crisis And What We Can Do About It, on my blog. Please don't judge me. I will henceforth confine overt marketing of the book--latest favorable reviews, upcoming book appearances, etc.--to my Web site, timothynoah.com (now available on mobile devices! and soon to carry an RSS feed of this blog, if I can figure out how to do that).

It's Raining Inequality Links
February 16, 2012

Wuxtry, wuxtry, as the newsies used to say. There are now two pre-publication excerpts from The Great Divergence: America's Growing Inequality Crisis And What We Can Do About It floating around the Web. The New Republic has temporarily removed the subscriber paywall in front of "The Mobility Myth." This essay explains why everybody thinks America is a more mobile society than it really is. Read it before it once again becomes the exclusive property of the 1 percent!

Voter Intimidation in Texas (and Elsewhere)
November 02, 2010

We've just received the day's first official update on voting irregularities. Many are of the same type that Election Protection has been seeing since 2001: Understaffed polling sites, late poll openings, poorly trained poll workers, and malfunctioning machines are the most common. But there have also been disturbing reports of voter intimidation that folks here are still trying to confirm. Volunteers have heard news of foul play from people—yet to be identified—who are trying to stop voters from getting to the polls altogether.

"Yes We Can"...Actually No, We Can't
June 23, 2010

I'm sitting in a solid block of Americans at Loftus Versfeld in Pretoria watching Team USA play in the sandbox with the Algerians, and the one thing I notice is the total absence of "Yes We Can" chants. This time last year, even the South Africans were chanting Obama's campaign motto. In the teeming Johannesburg bar in which I watched Bafana Bafana take on Brazil in last June's Confederations Cup semis, "Yes We Can" was the favorite refrain, not to mention at the US-Brazil final. I haven't heard it once this year. My companion and I tried getting a round going in the stands here, but no dice.

Negative Nancies
January 21, 2010

Talking Points Memo has done a terrific job of reporting on the health care fiasco on Capitol Hill. But I think their latest report may be conveying a misleading impression.

Dear Jons
December 29, 2009

At the Atlantic, James Fallows is remembering the passage of a similarly audacious health care program, Medicare, during the 1960s: At the time I didn't register the significance of Medicare's passage--something now so engrained as part of the American Way that today's Republicans have positioned themselves as its protectors (against the alleged ravages of the Obama plan). I think that these two quick-reaction TNR articles--by Jonathan Chait, here, and Jonathan Cohn, here--do a wonderful job of registering the significance of the Senate's 60-39 vote today in favor of the bill.