Weekly Standard

Lowering Standards, Ctd.
September 09, 2009

How far can the Weekly Standard sink? Time will tell, but the cover of its current issue gives a pretty good sense of its depth at the moment. Accompanied by the cover line "Here the People Rule," the illustration--it's a bit small here, but I'll gladly link to a larger version if I find one--is of, well, an angry white mob.

August 27, 2009

The Weekly Standard's latest editorial, by Bill Kristol: Conservative policy wonks helped to explode the false budgetary and health-improvement claims made on behalf of Obamacare. Conservative polemicists pointed out how Obamacare--conceived in the spirit of budget chief Peter we-spend-too-much-as-a-nation-on-health-care Orszag and adviser Ezekiel we-need-to-stop-wasting-money-on-extending-low-quality-lives Emanuel--means, in effect, death panels. Right.

OK, It's a Little Coarse. But the Question Is Worth Asking.
August 25, 2009

Can anyone, and Eric Holder in particular, "find 12 [random] Americans who would vote to convict an American citizen for threatening the life of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?" I doubt it. Not even on the Upper West Side. (The question has been posed by Michael Goldfarb on the Weekly Standard web site.) But not even that fact can dispose of the problem. Which suggests that Attorney General Holder, by foraging into what is by contemporary standards ancient history, has put himself outside the matrix of democratic standards.

Best Weekly Standard Headline Ever
July 20, 2009

So good, in fact, that it should be the headline for every Weekly Standard article: --Jonathan Chait

The Weekly Standard's Palin Love Affair Continues!
July 10, 2009

I clicked over on The American Scene blog, only to find a short post from Conor Friedersdorf in which he linked to a big Weekly Standard piece on Sarah Palin. Friedersdorf snarks that the piece's author, Matthew Continetti, shoud be congratulated on "his new pr gig" for the soon-to-be-former Alaska Governor. After having clicked on the link and dutifully read Continetti's "report"," I think Friedersdorf is being marginally unfair. Surely most press represenatives would feel slightly reticent about slobbering all over their boss in the way that Continetti does over Palin.

Is Murdoch Dumping The Weekly Standard?
June 09, 2009

Via Andrew, I notice the LA Times is reporting that Rupert Murdoch is in talks to unload The Weekly Standard. Sullivan adds: The possible buyer is a far right Christianist, Philip Anschutz, whose campaigns include keeping gay people marginalized (he funded Colorado's Amendment 2), discouraging the teaching of evolution (he founded the Discovery Institute), and the Pass It On organization, the Foundation For A Better Life. It would mean even more theoconservatism and Christianism at TWS - just what we need!

Obama's Goldwater Girl
December 01, 2008

  What a difference a Democratic primary makes. During the 1990s, the Right treated Hillary Clinton like she was, if not the locus of all evil, something just next to it. Now that she's on track to be Obama's Secretary of State, Newt Gingrich is singing her praises and the Weekly Standard is calling her "The Great Right Hope." What gives? In this web piece, I take a closer look at the phenomenon. Some highlights: Richard Perle: "On the whole I'm quite pleased. She seems to me quite tough-minded. That's not a worldview, but it is a predisposition.  ...

Slow Learners
November 19, 2008

A year and a half ago, around the time thoughtful conservatives started to realize that George W. Bush might not in fact be a combination of Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill, National Review editor Rich Lowry wrote a cover story pinpointing the source of the president's failings: He had a competence problem. Going forward, Lowry suggested, the party might want a new leader a bit less, well, meatheaded than the incumbent. Republicans would seek out someone who "doesn't run the government like George W.

Tnr.com's Week In Review (7.18.08)
July 18, 2008

TNR started off the week by trouncing The Atlantic at softball and settling in for a Sunday read of Ryan Lizza's New Yorker piece. But our peace of mind was soon disturbed. Eve Fairbanks alerted us to the magazine's cover art, which the Obama campaign called "tasteless and offensive." Michael Crowley and Isaac Chotiner thought Obama was wrong to pick a fight about it, but Jason Zengerle disagreed and wondered if David Remnick didn't know what he was getting into.

The Fifth Columnist
January 24, 2008

This fall, New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. launched a search for a new conservative columnist. It had been nearly three years since William Safire had retired from his weekly column in 2005, and Sulzberger’s initial replacement, libertarian John Tierney, lasted just 20 months before abandoning his column.