Whole Foods Market

Stopped Making Sense

To build a building is hard; to criticize a building is, by comparison, easy. For a serious critic, the impulse to write uncomplimentary things should always provoke a bout of preliminary introspection. Does one write from the lofty principle that truth must be spoken to power, or at least to fashion? Will the reader come away from this exercise in scorching criticism of buildings and urban spaces with a heightened appreciation for the built environment and its importance to our daily lives?

Totalitarian Tomatoes
June 27, 2007

Via Atrios, it seems that Jonah Goldberg's new and improved book title is going to be Liberal Fascism: The Totalitarian Temptation from Hegel to Whole Foods. Wow, Whole Foods? I had no idea. So I clicked on over to CEO John Mackey's blog, expecting a fevered rant on the virtues of National Socialism. Instead, all I got was a manifesto about his business philosophy: My thesis about business having important purposes besides maximizing profits should not be mistaken for hostility toward profit, however. I believe I know something about maximizing profits and creating shareholder value.