Willie Mays

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Bob Costas
December 05, 2012

Why is Bob Costas holding back on gun control? Because that's who Bob Costas is.

Jeremiah, American-Style
April 30, 2010

Hope in a Scattering Time: A Life of Christopher Lasch By Eric Miller (Eerdmans, 394 pp., $32) In a moving tribute to Christopher Lasch written shortly after his death in 1994, Dale Vree, a Catholic convert and the editor of the New Oxford Review, wrote that “Calvinism was his true theological inspiration.” Lasch was certainly not one of the faithful.

50 Years Of West Coast Baseball
April 15, 2008

  Today marks the 50th anniversary of a milestone in American history: the first regular-season, major-league baseball game played on the West Coast (though, in its day, the Pacific Coast League was considered by many to be a third major league). The Giants beat the Dodgers 8-0 in front of an overflow crowd of 23,448 at the old Seals Stadium in San Francisco, tagging a young Don Drysdale for six earned runs in three and two-thirds innings.

The Myth of the Lost POWs
July 01, 1985

Ten years after America's withdrawal from Vietnam, President Reagan has made the recovery of 2,477 American soldiers "the highest national priority." In June 1983 a division of the Defense Intelligence Agency was assigned a large full-time staff to collect and evaluate information about POWs and MIAs. Last summer Reagan signed a proclamation designating the third Friday in July as the annual National POW/MIA Recognition Day.