Willie Sutton

Yes, Taxing the Rich Will Make a Difference
July 27, 2011

Few arguments seem to bother conservatives more these days than the suggestion that we could spare student loans and other valuable government programs by raising taxes on the very wealthy. On Tuesday, for example, Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin noted that the corporate jet loophole, which President Obama and Democrats are constantly decrying, costs the U.S. Treasury a mere $3 billion over the next ten years. Pell Grants, by contrast, will cost more than ten times that amount in the next year alone.

Does the Middle Class Have All the Money?
May 12, 2011

I've been writing a lot about the Wall Street Journal's arithmetically incorrect editorial claiming that the total income of the rich isn't enough to close the budget deficit. There's another part of the argument I let slide because it was merely misleading rather than outright false: So who else is there to tax? Well, in 2008, there was about $5.65 trillion in total taxable income from all individual taxpayers, and most of that came from middle income earners.

Old School: Land Grant Universities in the Global Economy
August 05, 2010

In places like Michigan, where the loss of auto and other manufacturing jobs has been so numerous and painful, China is viewed as a job-stealing, economy-weakening threat. But in Lansing, Michigan State University is the fulcrum of new business, research, and learning partnerships that are bringing Chinese spending, investors, and, thus, new jobs to mid-Michigan--and a new round of increased diversity and immigrant-led economic renewal to the local community. Leading science and technical universities, such as MSU, have always been a draw for foreign students.

The Good, the Bad, und die Rache
July 01, 2010

With the group stages over, the sextodecimal matches played, and the quarterfinals about to begin, what kind of a World Cup has it been so far? It has been good for South Africa, with large, happy crowds and none of the violence that pessimists predicted, altogether nothing worse than the horrible vuvuzela. The home nation were eliminated, but not before a glorious victory over France, who scuttled home in disgrace, as did the Italians, and then the English. No, it hasn’t been a good year for Europe, even with Germany, Spain and Holland in the last eight.