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7 Rules for Presidents Dabbling in Pop Culture
October 01, 2013

Whether it is Jimmy Carter watching more than four hundred movies in the White House cinema or Barack Obama telling people that the flamboyant killer Omar on HBO’s “The Wire” is his favorite character, presidents have long engaged with pop culture.

The Death of the TV Cliffhanger
And the rise of the penultimate episode
June 05, 2013

The big guns now come out in the penultimate episode.

Omar Is Still The American Dream
September 23, 2008

 A couple of folks (most notably Slate's Jacob Weisberg) have been grumbling about "The Wire" getting dissed once more by the Emmys. People are suggesting racism played a role, seeing as how much of the cast was black. Maybe. But I think The Atlantic's Coates is more on the money in noting that "there were structural things. People loved the Sopranos because, in the end, it was about family.

More On The Wire
September 14, 2006

by Eric Rauchway John's already shown that the only way you can be a "Wire"-hater is to talk about something other than what you actually see on "The Wire": On the screen even the minor characters are, as Dan Jardine says at The House Next Door, "graced with the sort of detail and shading that you normally only find in leading roles." For my money, the only less-than-delicate touch in the opening episode came in the rumble between the protagonist boys and the kids from the terrace: Our guys were wearing white shirts and the terrace guys were wearing black shirts.