Why Wisconsin Could Be the Key to a Romney Victory
October 15, 2012

Two weeks after the first presidential debate and on the eve of the second, it is clear that Mitt Romney’s surge is more than an evanescent bump. He has moved into the lead in the national poll of polls (something John Kerry never quite managed despite his victory in the first 2004 debate), and a number of swing states have shifted in his direction. This 2012 election is now in the zone where the Electoral College comes into play.

Could Obama Win Arizona? Here's The Math.
October 14, 2012

A new poll shows Obama up by 2 points in Arizona, but could Obama really win the state?

Romney Outspends Obama on Ads in Battleground States. Will It Help?
October 12, 2012

The GOP-aligned Super PAC Restore Our Future also got into the fray.

Romney’s Battleground State Problem
October 11, 2012

Romney leads in the national polls but doesn't have the electoral college votes he needs.

Daily Breakdown: Romney's Bounce Appears To Hold Through Wednesday
October 10, 2012

But the battleground state polls continued to show Obama with a narrow advantage where it counts most.

Don’t Reform Taxes. Raise Them.
October 09, 2012

Sen. Chuck Schumer says we don’t need tax reform, we need a tax increase. He’s right.

Romney Leads Nationally—Just Not in Battleground States
October 09, 2012

The battleground state numbers do not show as much movement in Romney's direction as Boston would have hoped.

Is Romney’s Bounce Receding Or Growing?
October 08, 2012

Today's polls hinted at a return to post-debate norms.

To See Whether Romney's Bounce Counts, Follow Ohio, Iowa, and Nevada
October 08, 2012

Romney's four point bounce won't give him the lead without outsized gains in key swing states.

Blue States are from Scandinavia, Red States are from Guatemala
A theory of a divided nation
October 05, 2012

America is divided over two different visions of state and society.