What's Next in Egypt?
July 05, 2013

As the new military and civilian leadership of Egypt prepares to put some meat on the bare bones of its “road map” for the country's political future, countless pundits have become backseat drivers.

Evo Morales Forced to Face His Mortality and Powerlessness
July 03, 2013

Poor Evo Morales. The leftist Bolivian president was in Moscow on Monday and Tuesday for the Gas Exporting Countries Forum, and must have been feeling quite important indeed.

Choose the Right Foreign Adventures
July 01, 2013

Three ways Obama can win on the road.

Egypt Will Erupt Again on June 30
June 24, 2013

The Middle Egypt governorate of Beni Suef, an agricultural province located 70 miles south of Cairo, is an Islamist stronghold.

The Video-Game Propaganda Wars
June 21, 2013

Authoritarian regimes are making games—and dissidents, too.

The Real Reason Brazilians Are Outraged: The World's Fair Bid
June 20, 2013

The New York Times’s Brazil bureau chief, Simon Romero, opens his latest dispatch from São Paulo with an anecdote whose symbolism no newspaper reporter could have resisted: While the protests swelled on his city’s streets last week, Mayor Fernando Ha

Those $%@#&! Russians Aren't Always Wrong
June 18, 2013

It was no surprise that, after speaking in private for two hours in Northern Ireland, President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin looked “tense and uncomfortable,” or, as the pool report put it, “serious and unsmiling.” Not only did t

Obama Ist Kein Berliner
June 18, 2013

Fifty years after JFK's visit, and five since his own, Obama returns to Berlin—to a different mood.

Patience With All Things in Iran
June 17, 2013

Patient resilience has long been a characteristic of the Iranian people.

The Iran Election Is Proving Harder to Fix Than First Thought
June 13, 2013

Engineering elections in Iran, it turns out, is more difficult than what Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his allies in the Revolutionary Guards had imagined.