Mortal Beloved
The extreme perils of motherhood in Sierra Leone
April 04, 2013

For thousands of women in Sierra Leone, motherhood remains a war zone.

I Was a Pakistani Soap Opera Star!
As the World Burns in Karachi
April 04, 2013

The diary of a Pakistani soap opera star.

How Obama Can Learn to Speak Israeli
Advice to the president on his visit
March 20, 2013

If Obama presents a "yes we can" approach to peace, Israelis will tune him out.

Who's Afraid of the International Criminal Court?
In Kenya, the answer is no one at all
March 09, 2013

In Kenya, the answer is no one at all.

Could North Korea Nuke Washington?
March 08, 2013

No, they couldn't. A brief, somewhat comforting explainer

Chinese Embassies Love Facebook—Even Though Chinese Citizens Are Banned From It
February 17, 2013

Welcome to the weird social-media world of Chinese consulates.

Russia's Past Is Ever Present
The "homosexual propaganda" ban is traditionalism at its worst
February 08, 2013

The "homosexual propaganda" ban is traditionalism at its worst.

Chill Out, John Kerry
Advice for the new secretary of state about Israeli-Palestinian relations
February 07, 2013

Advice for the new secretary of state on Israeli-Palestinian relations. For instance: It's not a race.

What They Bring to Battle
Syrian rebels brandish their weapons
February 04, 2013

Late last year, during a particularly bad day of fighting, a band of Syrian rebels took refuge in a basement. Some pictures, via the light from a hole in the wall.

Back to Mubarak
Two years after Egypt's revolution, U.S. diplomacy comes full circle
January 25, 2013

Long after the moving images of Egypt’s Facebook-addicted, pro-democratic revolutionaries faded from Tahrir Square, they have remained firmly implanted in the minds of American observers 6,000 miles away.