An Iranian Moderate Exposed
Everyone thought Iran's foreign minister was a pragmatist. They were wrong.
January 23, 2014

Think Iran's deal-making, American-educated foreign minister is a moderate? You wouldn't if you'd read his Farsi book

A Countryside of Concentration Camps
Burma could be the site of the world's next genocide
January 21, 2014

A haunting report from a countryside of concentration camps

America Must Stand Firm on Syria at the Geneva II Conference
January 21, 2014

The conference is a diplomatic Hail Mary pass.

'Homeland' Is Sending Signals for the CIA, Say Conspiracy Theorists in Turkey
January 14, 2014

In the season finale of the third season of "Homeland," Carrie Mathison, the bipolar CIA agent played by Claire Danes, is appointed as the Istanbul bureau chief to oversee the agency’s covert Iranian operation—the result of a season-long effort to pl

Egypt's Heroic Protesters Bear Responsibility for the Mess that Followed
The incoherence of Tahrir Square's activists
January 06, 2014

A new movie might win an Oscar for celebrating Egypt's new "culture of protest." Too bad that culture is so incoherent.

How Did Zimbabwe Become So Poor—And Yet So Expensive?
The shockingly high prices of one of Africa's most impoverished countries
January 05, 2014

The shockingly high prices of one of Africa's most impoverished countries.

Is the U.S. the Last Country Still Fighting the Drug War?
Uruguay's new pot law is a big blow to Washington drug policy
January 01, 2014

Uruguay's new pot law is another big blow to Washington's drug policy

A Guy Who Lives in Pennsylvania May Be Taking Down the Entire Turkish Government
A profile of Fetullah Gulen, the prime minister's greatest enemy
December 26, 2013

Inside the movement of Fetullah Gulen, the Islamic leader in rural Pennsylvania who may be toppling Turkey's government. 

One Man's Novel Way to Fight Government Corruption: With a Tour Bus
December 25, 2013

Like many of his law-abiding compatriots, Petr Sourek resents how corruption rewards cheating and is a drag on economic growth.

Venezuela's Christmas Started in November
Citizens are calling their new president 'St. Nick' after he forced shops to have blowout sales
December 23, 2013

Citizens are calling their president "Saint Nick" after he used his power to force businesses to have huge, blowout sales.