The Square and the Flair
August 02, 2012

BEFORE HE EARNED his reputation as one of the best ad men in politics, before he wrote for several major television shows, and long before he became Mitt Romney’s top campaign strategist, Stuart Stevens found himself in Cameroon, face to face with a machine-gun-wielding soldier looking to shake him down. It was 1988, and a few weeks earlier, Stevens had deposited himself in the nearby Central African Republic to pick up a friend’s Land Rover and drive it back to France. But the trip was a disaster from the get-go. Local officials confiscated the car and refused to release it.

Martha Coakley in TNR
December 09, 2009

Yesterday, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley became the Democratic nominee for the Senate seat last won by Ted Kennedy. She will face her Republican opponent in a special election on January 19th. We're not saying it pushed her over the edge with voters, but just a couple weeks back, she, along with  Elizabeth Warren, wrote a piece for TNR calling on Congress to pass the Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA) Act of 2009.