Jonathan Cohn
Senior Editor

Barack Obama, An American Story
November 05, 2008

Barack Obama's campaign began with lofty appeals to idealism, as he called upon supporters to build a movement that could change the way we relate to each other. It ended with a series of concrete, pedestrian promises, as Obama vowed to deliver jobs, health care, and lower prices at the pump. But tonight in Chicago, standing before a crowd of cheering throngs in Grant Park, Obama rediscovered his former self. Conjuring up the old language of idealism, and reaching out to his vanquished opponent, Obama renewed his plea for unity and common purpose.

Mccain's Concession Speech
November 04, 2008

McCain just gave an incredibly gracious concession speech. He spent the first few minutes reflecting on America's history of racism--and the moral significance of electing an African-American. He saluted Obama for inspiring so many young people and first-time voters, then offered his sympathies for the death of Obama's grandmother. The address contained not a whiff of ideology or partisanship. Instead, McCain called upon all Americans, even those who had voted for him, to offer the new administration its support and seek common ground.

And That's It.
November 04, 2008

MSNBC calls the election. I assume other networks are, too. --Jonathan Cohn 

Just One Electoral Vote, But A Symbolically Important One
November 04, 2008

On MSNBC, Chuck Todd says it looks like Obama may pick up that single electoral vote from the Omaha area in Nebraska. I know, college town and all that. Still, it's Nebraska.  --Jonathan Cohn 

This Blog Post Will Become Obsolete In...
November 04, 2008

...well, not too long. But, just after 10 p.m., note that Obama has now gone ahead in Virginia with returns from the D.C. suburbs still coming in. The numbers in Florida continue to look good, too. --Jonathan Cohn 

Msnbc Calls Pennsylvania For Obama
November 04, 2008

Just now. A big deal, assuming it holds up. New Hampshire, too. Update: CNN not calling PA yet...  --Jonathan Cohn 

What They're Saying
November 04, 2008

"A total repudiation of the Republican brand." That's Joe Scarborough on MSNBC moments ago, commenting on projections of big Democraic gains in the House. --Jonathan Cohn 

The Ghost Of Fdr
November 04, 2008

TOLEDO, Ohio--By far my most colorful interview of the day was with Garth Turpening, a retired tool grinder from a truck parts company.  Turpening is 95 years old. This is the 19th presidential election in which he has voted.  He remembers voting for Franklin Roosevelt. And, like a lot of people who came of age during the Great Depression, he still identifies the Democratic Party with the New Deal programs FDR signed into law. "I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for them," he told me, pulling out the Social Security card he first got so many decades ago.

The Turnout In Toledo
November 04, 2008

TOLEDO, Ohio--I arrived at this polling station late, around 9:30 a.m., and expected to see a line. There was none. People were coming and going at a steady pace, but nobody had to wait long to cast their ballots.  The elections workers here told me the story was different three hours earlier, when the station opened. About a hundred people were in line and it took more than an hour to clear them. A replay is likely late in the day. Overall, they told me, they're projecting turnout will reach 80 percent. Of course, more than a fourth of those people cast their ballots early. --Jonathan Cohn 

More Ohio Impressions: Did Mccain Reach Swing Voters?
November 04, 2008

TOLEDO, Ohio--As I wrote earlier, most the voters I saw at this predominantly white, working- and middle-class polling place were backing Barack Obama. But not all of them. Out of the twenty-three voters who spoke with me, six said they'd voted for John McCain. They seemed no less informed about the campaign, no less sure of their impressions, and no less willing to talk about them. Two were veterans. Charles Tackett was wearing a faded, military green hat bearing the USMC logo.