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October 1, 2014

A Gun-Carrying GOP Congressman Is Outraged a Man With a Concealed Gun Got Near Obama

People carrying concealed weapons aren't dangerous, right?

How Not To Write About Deadly, Infectious Diseases Like Ebola

First of all, it helps if things make sense. 

The CDC Knows Exactly How to Keep the Public From Panicking Over Ebola

There's a reason yesterday's announcement didn't incite mass fear.

Juries Dole Out Harsher Sentences to Non-Citizens

If you're arrested in America, it's best to be an American.

September 30, 2014

Louisiana Is Disappearing Into the Sea

Literally. And while it sinks, pols and environmentalists sling mud.

Is Computer Coding an Art?

Coders are 'makers.' But what exactly are they making?

There's Not An App for That: Smartphones Won't Solve Campus Rape

In fact, it might just cause more problems. 

Meet the Hong Kong Cop Who Has Joined His City's Protesters

"In my opinion, force is not necessary," he told me.

Obamacare Just Took a Hit in Court. Will SCOTUS Care?

Republican judge in Oklahoma upholds legal challenge. Will the Supreme Court care?

This Chart Will Tell You Just How Quickly Your Country Is Depleting Earth

A truly terrifying look at how we're destroying our planet.

Obama Must Make Clear That the Syrian Regime Is Our Enemy, Too

After all, Assad is collaborating with ISIS and killing his own people by the thousands.

People Use Fewer First-Person Pronouns As They Get Older

And we start saying these other things instead. 

An Alzheimer's Reading List

A reading list for anyone who wishes to better understand—and love—a person touched directly or indirectly by dementia. 

This Ad for a New Republic T-Shirt Had One Reader Up in Arms

This ad for a New Republic t-shirt had readers up in arms.

The War Against the Islamic State Is About to Hit $1 Billion

And there's no plan for how this will end.

Solar Power Could Provide Almost One-Third of World's Electricity Within a Few Decades

New reports reveal it could wean us off coal, as long as we take action now.

September 29, 2014

7 Charts That Prove Obamacare Is Working

Proof that Obamacare is changing healthcare for the better in this country.

Hong Kong Has Split Into Two Worlds

Behind the barricades, everyone knows each other and works together.

What Hong Kong's Protests Mean for Mainland China

The Chinese government is too repressive, and the Chinese people too politically inexperienced, for a pro-democracy movement to take hold anytime soon.

The Pharmacy School Bubble Is About to Burst

One of America's most reliable professions is producing too many graduates and not enough jobs

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