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May 21, 2015

Does Color Even Exist?

What you see is only what you see.

How the Gay Rights Canvassing Study Fell Apart

Here's how the study unraveled. 

Marriage Is Evolving. The 'Primates of Park Avenue’ Aren’t.

For many Americans, marriage simply isn't the central institution it once was. 

Ukraine Makes Amnesia the Law of the Land

New laws in Ukraine make it illegal to bring up its ugly past.

Rand Paul's Fake Filibuster Was Nakedly Political. Good For Him.

Who cares if it was cynical? It was also politics at its best.

Critics Shouldn't Have to Cover ‘Game of Thrones’ If They Don’t Want To

Critics shouldn't bow to Game of Thrones or marketing pressure.

Australia Is Bad for Celebrity Puppies, Worse for Actual Humans

We should be paying attention to how Australia is treating the poor, tired, and hungry masses who are huddled just offshore.

May 20, 2015

Generation PTSD: What the "Trigger Warning" Debate Is Really About

Critics of the "new political correctness" have impulses that are deeply embedded within American culture.  

Why Won't Twitter Forgive Suey Park?

Twitter activist Suey Park went viral with the #CancelColbert hashtag. And the Internet has never forgiven her for it.

Divestment Won't Hurt Big Oil, and That's OK

Critics of divestment misunderstand it.

The Culture of Criticism

What do we owe the Enlightenment?

Hillary Clinton as Feminist Children's Book Hero

There's a chapter or two that these books tend to leave out. 

Five Centuries After It Kicked Them Out, Spain Welcomes Back Sephardic Jews

Spain's passport offer to Sephardic Jews raises heated debate in Israel.

One Town Is Going to Try Not Arresting Heroin Users

The police chief of this coastal Massachusetts town wants to stop arresting users.

Critics Were Completely Wrong About the "Fight for $15" Movement

Los Angeles raising its minimum wage to $15 per hour proves it.

May 19, 2015

The Man Booker International Prize Goes Global but Lands Back Home

The winner of the Man Booker International prize elicited both groans and hurrahs from fans of international literature.

Lethal Entanglements

Lethal injection was supposed to be a cleaner, more humane version of capital punishement. Over the past five years, it has become a messy, largely unmonitored testing ground for toxic drugs. 

The Joy of Slow Computing

Turn on, boot up, drop out.

High Noon, Oaxaca

First published in Spanish in 2004, this Lawrence Ferlinghetti poem appears here for the first time in English.

Bad Blood

The FDA's donation rule change for gay and bisexual men is sending the wrong message on HIV.

The Working Mother in 1926 Was a Lot Like a Working Mom Today

"The problem of the mother in professional work is psychological and social, and is increasing in perplexity and importance."

From Homeless to Hollywood: A New Film Built From a Rough Life

"I’m about to die right now, and I really want you to be there.” 

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