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May 7, 2015

The Best Thing Hillary Could Do for Her Campaign? Ditch Bill.

She's been at her best when he's made himself scarce.

May 6, 2015

Ed Miliband Is So Weird, He Just Might Win Britain's Election

The conservative press and teenage "Milifans" are at war over the Labour leader's image.

Would the Financial Crisis Have Happened If Women Ran Wall Street?

Change is happening but it needs to be quicker.

How a Socialist Party Just Took Over the Texas of Canada

The deepest oil patch in North America is finally going to be governed by people who believe climate change is man-made. 

Thomas Friedman Is Tired of Germany's Pacifism

The New York Times columnist would like to see the country become "a more serious, activist global power." Is that wise?

How Did Everybody Suddenly Become an Expert on French Visual Satire?

'Charlie Hebdo' is a complicated issue, so it's worth going to informed sources, not instant experts.

Why Texans Freaked Out Over an Army Exercise—and Ted Cruz Validated Their Fears

The fact that Texas tempts federal intrusion more than any other state explains the whole story.

How Orson Welles Survived Hollywood

Stanley Kauffmann reflects on the "overgrown baby," Orson Welles.

May 5, 2015

'Survivor' Is a Damning Illustration of America’s Distorted Class Politics

The latest season of "Survivor" divides contestants by class—but forgets to talk about money.

The Bankruptcy of Republican Thought

Democrats have a legitimate economic agenda. The GOP has ... repeal Obamacare?

The Knicks' Owner Just Put a Notorious Sexual Harasser in Charge of a WNBA Team

A wake-up call for anyone who thought sports were becoming less hostile to women.

The Luxury of Hope

What the Baltimore prosecutor's charges in the Freddie Gray case mean to native residents.

Why Are Americans Less Confident in the Economy Lately? Look at Gas Prices.

One goes up, the other goes down. And vice versa.

A Doctor’s Scathing 1950 Takedown of L. Ron Hubbard’s ‘Dianetics’

Scientology's canonical text was full of pseudoscience, and this book reviewer knew it.

The Last Culture Warrior

Why Mike Huckabee will lose, and what it means for evangelicals.

May 4, 2015

The Language of the Unheard

Cities need to focus on preventing police abuse, not the riots that protest it.

The Slow Death of the Secretary

A job that once gave a woman a middle-class life is fading away.

The Anti-Islam Exhibit Attacked in Texas Is a Clearer Free Speech Case Than 'Charlie Hebdo'

The most clarifying test cases for free speech involve the defense of the vile. 

Tamir Rice's Body Still Isn't Buried Because the Criminal Investigation Keeps Dragging On

It's been barely five months since a Cleveland Police officer gunned down the 12-year-old.

Ben Carson and the Return of the Flat Tax

Nearly every Republican presidential candidates wants one low rate for everybody.

Hillary Clinton Does Not Have a Conflict-of-Interest Problem

If her Republicans rivals criticize her over questionable donors, they'll expose themselves.

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