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Huckabee Hearts Hillary [Eriposte, The Left Coaster]: "As it turns out, Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, who has recently been on an anti-Hillary rampage with his colleagues in the freak-show known as the GOP Presidential campaign, went slightly off-script back in August on this very matter." Dodd Surges Online [RealClearPolitics]: Seemingly absent of a flag bearer up to this point, Chris Dodd appears to be making his move. Just yesterday, he posted over at Huffington Post on his role as a senator, his obligation to the U.S. Constitution and why he's stalling the FISA bill.


Obama Takes Aim [Jim Rutenberg, New York Times]: "Senator Obama's campaign shared with reporters this morning this mailing it sent out highlighting his early opposition to the Iraq war 'when others went along' with the Bush war plan. But, in the latest wrinkle in the fight between the two Democratic candidates, the mailing also pointedly notes that, 'while other Democrats voted for the Kyl-Lieberman Amendment, Barack Obama opposed another Bush foreign policy fiasco.'" Electable, but Why?


Fact Check, Please

 Today's New York Times profile of McCain campaign manager Rick Davis includes the following bit : Mr. McCain, who had been chartering his own jets because of ethical scruples about accepting discounted corporate flights, as his opponents did, agreed to begin accepting them after all. Even a central symbol of the McCain campaign, the Straight Talk Express bus, has become cheaper.  “We had a bus that was $10,000 a day,” Mr. Davis said. “Our new one is $10,000 a month.


Reserve Your Tickets Now

I hope you're sitting down: NEW YORK, NEW YORK (October 23, 2007) –On November 30th, “Awake” will debut in theaters nationwide exposing the horrifying, true-life surgical event known as “anesthetic awareness.”  In “Awake” a patient's failed anesthesia leaves him fully conscious but physically paralyzed during surgery.


All About My Redesign

We've written a note about the new here. Give 'er a read! --The Editors

A Star Is Born

 ..somewhere, probably, but definitely not at today, where I can be found discussing the current crop of Iraq- and war-on-terror-themed movies with Slate's Dana Stevens. If you'd like to watch me talk far too fast and scrupulously avoid ever making eye contact with the camera, this is your chance.  --Christopher Orr

Michael Duffy hits on the right way to think about a Hillary v. Rudy matchup in the general election: But Rudy's electoral college argument has its share of weak spots. If he would put some blue states into play, his name on the GOP ticket also would invite some red ones onto the dance floor, too.


Democrats And Deficits

The New York Timesnoted over the weekend that many Democrats (mostly, but not exclusively, liberals) think that if 2009 offers a reprise of 1993's choice between new spending and deficit reduction, we should make a difference choice this time and opt for the path of Robert Reich, rather than Bob Rubin. Sam Boyd over at TAPPED endorses this view, but recognizes the problem here: if neither Democrats nor Republicans are willing to be grown-ups when it comes to the budget, then sooner or later we're probably going to run into big trouble.


I moved to Boston about three-and-a-half years ago and since then have become a casual Red Sox fan.


Bin Laden On Unity

Osama Bin Laden has issued a statement about the need for unity among perfervid Muslims.  This is not one of his characteristic tropes.  Indeed, he doesn't really think of Shi'a as Muslims at all.  But serious observers think that Osama's words and voice impute desperation to his faithful fanatics and, of course, therefore, to serious observers of the war in Iraq.  Richard Clarke, a severe critic of the war from its earliest days and a slightly unreliable manager of U.S.