William Galston

In Defense Of Caution
November 04, 2008

If history is any guide, the decisions that a President-Elect Obama makes over the next few months will shape his administration. By the end of February, he will have to define his top domestic priorities, submit a budget, and begin the difficult process of unwinding America's combat presence in Iraq. The good news is that the terms of his victory likely will have left him some room to maneuver.

How I Would Improve The Conventions
August 18, 2008

Since the creation of the primary and caucus-based presidential nominating process, national party conventions have lost much of their point. Occasionally, as in the 1976 battle for the Republican nomination, the primaries and caucuses leave the candidates separated by a narrow and possibly fluid margin, giving weight to the thrust and parry of convention tactics. Of course, the presidential nominee could choose to throw open the vice presidential choice.

How Obama Should Run Against Mccain
June 06, 2008

Seldom has the basic structure of an election tilted so strongly in the direction of the Democratic Party. In these circumstances especially, losing the presidential contest would be devastating for the party and would guarantee the continuation of divided government, at great cost to the country. In order to maximize his chances of winning, here are some of the steps Barack Obama needs to take. Introduce himself to the American people.

A Review of Obama's Philadelphia Speech
March 19, 2008

I celebrate myself; And what I assume you shall assume; For every atom belonging to me, as good belongs to you. ... Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself? (I am large--I contain multitudes.)             Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass I attend a small synagogue in Washington DC. When my rabbi says something controversial, the entire congregation quickly learns about it. Members who are offended do not remain silent. They often reprove him. Some threaten to leave unless he apologizes and changes course.