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Bayh Hearts Hillary, Cont'd

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Yes, Evan Bayh may be the milquetoastiest guy in the Senate, but I share Noam's thinking about Bayh's potential to be Hillary's (admittedly not electrifying) No. 2. And I think there's no question that the Indiana Senator is jockeying (oh-so-politely, of course) for the slot.

Granted, I'm primed to think of Bayh as a serious No. 2 contender since, when I was reporting on his flirtation with a presidential run for this piece last year, the overwhelming cw was that he was too bland for the top spot but was flat-out perfect for VP.

More specifically, I've wondered if something was up between Bayh and Hillary since December, when Bayh weirdly announced that he would not run for president--just 11 days after the Dec. 5 launch of his presidential exploratory committee. Four weeks after bowing out, he and Hillary and some nobody congressman from New York headed out on a cozy three-day CoDel to Iraq and Afghanistan. (Also immediately afterward, Bayh's chief fund-raising goddess, Nancy Jacobson, joined her hubby Mark Penn over at Team Hillary. Oh, imagine the pillow talk.) In their post-trip press briefing, as I noted at the time, Bayh and Hillary looked awfully adorable together (politically speaking, of course). Certainly, Hill would never have the problem of Bayh upstaging her.

None of which means anything. I'm just saying...

--Michelle Cottle

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