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A Concession Speech Double Standard?


There's a lot of grumbling about Hillary's concession speech--or lack thereof--last night. But I was under the impression that concession speeches were no longer de rigueur. I mean, here's a snippet from Bloomberg's write-up of last weekend's Nevada caucus results:

Obama, 46, didn't give a concession speech. His campaign
claimed a victory in the state, saying that while Obama received
fewer total votes, he won one more delegate than Clinton because
of the way delegates are apportioned in rural areas.

Granted, the Clinton campaign doesn't really have any similarly clever arguments at their disposal to discount Obama's South Carolina win--I mean, other than the one about him being the second-coming of Jesse Jackson--so maybe the situations aren't totally analogous. But I don't recall the press getting too bent out of shape over Obama's lack of a concession speech last week.

--Jason Zengerle 

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