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Don't Dis The College Dems

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From the mailbox:

As a college Dem attending that convention (and longtime Plank reader), I kind of resent the notion that we're a 2nd-tier stop on the campaign trail. The GOP has always taken their young supporters far more seriously, from the caliber of their speakers to the money and time that their leaders invest in CRNC elections. Frank Foer's "Swimming With Sharks" is the definitive article on this, but it doesn't mention the other groups, like Heritage, etc. that spend tons of money investing in their college students.
It's about time we get some recognition from the political figures, and ideally the financial figures will come along. Too often, we're looked at as free labor. The (very) least the national party can do is to have the major political figures of the party speak to us.

Fair enough. And as commenter jsb39 notes, a College Dems event is a potential source of votes and free labor activist support in a way that the DLC convention probably is not. Still, there was a time when Democratic candidates climbed mount DLC with great fanfare to trumpet their sensible centrism. And clearly that practice is now, at a minimum, on hold.

P.S. Al From complains to the AP that the DLC-snubbing Democrats have "tunnel vision."

--Michael Crowley

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