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Edwards's Strange Case


Here's John Edwards on CBS's "Face the Nation" yesterday, answering the question about why people should vote for him instead of Clinton or Obama:

I've been through this. I have the seasoning, I hope, the seasoning, the depth and the maturity that's required to do the job. Second, I think it's time to move past these incremental steps, these baby steps, and have a real and serious transformational change on some of the issues that we've talk about today. And those are the things that I'm--I'm for.

The second part of the case Edwards makes for his candidacy seems sound enough to me. But the first part--about having "been through this" and having "the seasoning"--seems like a strange argument. Is Edwards saying that because he's already been through one presidential campaign, he'd actually be a better president? Or is he making a Kerry-like "electability" appeal to Democratic primary voters that his previous campaign experience makes him a better general election candidate? I think either one of these arguments leaves something to be desired.

--Jason Zengerle

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