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Et Tu, Brute?

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Apropos of Mike's post on John Warner earlier today, Warner did
break away from the Webb amendment this morning -- with a particularly dramatic
flourish. He informed Webb he would not only rescind his support but offer his
own competing resolution moments before Webb was to introduce his
legislation on the floor, leaving Webb to straggle to his podium in the Senate chamber
with a look of shock still plastered on his face.

Five hours later, as the senators
assembled on the floor to vote, Warner's great treachery was still a subject of titters and
awe. "Ooo, there he is," a couple of reporters in the press gallery hissed when the white-
haired senator finally ducked into the chamber.

"I regret the defection of Senator Warner," Webb said a few minutes ago, with a curt
laugh. His amendment went down to defeat 56-44 -- garnering no more votes
than it did in July. 100% of senators voted, the first time I've ever seen a full house and
a testament to this now-dead amendment's standing as probably the most important
legislation on Iraq that will come up this month, or even this fall. "I don't think," added
Webb, "there's
any doubt that Senator Warner's changing opinions caused a number of other
Republicans not to come our way."

--Eve Fairbanks

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