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Michael Steele Woos Moderates


From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

La Crosse - Republican National Committee Chairman Michael
Steele appealed to the political middle Friday to join his party but
added that the party itself wouldn't moderate.

you moderates out there, y'all come. I mean, that's the message,"
Steele said at a news conference. "The message of this party is this is
a big table for everyone to have a seat. I have a place setting with
your name on the front.

that when you come into someone's house, you're not looking to change
it. You come in because that's the place you want to be."

Steele added that moderates would be expected to clear the table and wash dishes quietly while the other guests argued over whether Barack Obama was a fascist or merely a socialist. Oh, and hope you guys are up for a little unpaid babysitting: The rest of us were hoping to check out a tea party later tonight.

(via TPM)

--Christopher Orr

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