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"let Down By Fred Thompson"


Jeez, it didn't take Bob Novak long turn on Fred Thompson! A month ago Novak was practically calling him a messiah. I listened by radio to Thompson's Friday night speech to Orange County Republicans and--ideology aside--thought he sounded pretty sharp. (Andrew has some video here.) He's got that great voice, struck a good balance between sober concern and warm optimism, got off some decent jokes, and sounded fluent in the issues--not like a phony learning on the fly. (I was also struck by Thompson's emphasis on nuclear terrorism--presumably a function of his friendship with Sam Nunn, who persuaded Thompson to play in the president in a docudrama on the subject produced by Nunn's foundation, the Nuclear Threat Institute.) If I'm McCain, Romney, or Giuliani, I'm getting awfully nervous about this guy.

--Michael Crowley

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