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George Allen. Rudy Giuliani. Newt Gingrich. Fred Thompson. Mitt Romney. But that doesn't mean conservative have to stop looking, right? Richard Viguerie:

Open it up!The
discombobulated state of the Republican presidential campaign means
that it is still possible for someone to jump into the race. Such a
candidate could serve as a kingmaker at the Republican convention in
September, or even – yes, it’s possible – could become the party’s
nominee....But who?Former
Virginia Governor and Senator George Allen was considered a frontrunner
for this year’s GOP nomination before he lost his reelection campaign
in 2006. But his loss can be chalked up to his mishandling of charges
of racism and to voter resentment toward the Iraq War, and to the fact
that Democrats, desperate to win the Senate, swallowed hard and
nominated a former Reagan Administration official to run against
him. If losing one’s previous statewide campaign disqualified a person
from being president, neither Lincoln nor Nixon nor the elder Bush
would have won.Or,
if the goal of a last-minute conservative candidacy is to rally the
movement and build for the future, Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma could
get into the race. Coburn could be the Barry Goldwater of his
generation – someone who plants the seeds for a future flowering of
conservatism, as Goldwater planted the seeds of the Reagan Revolution.Other possibilities for a serious conservative candidate include Senator Jim DeMint or Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina.

I confess that I find it pretty bold of him to use the word "serious" in any context in this item.

(via TPM)

--Christopher Orr

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