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Bob Shrum says he convinced John Edwards to support the Iraq war:

Shrum writes that Edwards, then a North Carolina senator, called his foreign policy and political advisers together in his Washington living room in the fall of 2002 to get their advice. Edwards was "skeptical, even exercised" about the idea of voting yes and his wife Elizabeth was forcefully against it, according to Shrum, who later signed on to John Kerry's presidential campaign.
But Shrum said the consensus among the advisers was that Edwards, just four years in office, did not have the credibility to vote against the resolution and had to support it to be taken seriously on national security. Shrum said Edwards' facial expressions showed he did not like where he was being pushed to go.

Update: A random survey of opinion at one of the more archetypal "Washington cocktail parties" I've ever been to finds several people, including ones who know Shrum, suggesting that Shrum thinks he's doing his former client a favor (by revealing that Edwards had the right instincts about the war, I suppose). Nor does it sound like there's any bad blood between the two that would explain it as malicious. See also the feedback to Ponnuru's Corner response.

--Michael Crowley

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