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Is There Hope For Hillary?


Yes, if the media gets carried away celebrating her impending doom. Maureen Dowd observes:

Many women I talk to, even those who aren’t particularly fond of
Hillary, feel empathy for her, knowing that any woman in a world
dominated by men has to walk a tightrope between femininity and
masculinity, strength and vulnerability.

They see double
standards they hate when male reporters described Hillary’s laugh as
“a cackle” or her voice as “grating,” when Rush Limbaugh goes off on
her wrinkles or when male pundits seem gleeful to write her political
obituary. Several women I know, who argue with their husbands about
Hillary, refer with a shudder to the “Kill the Witch” syndrome.


When the usually invulnerable Hillary seems vulnerable,
many women, even ones who don’t want her to win, cringe at the idea of
seeing her publicly humiliated again.

And since women and
some men tend to be more protective when she is down, it is
impossible to rule out a rally, especially if voters start to see
Obama, after his eight-contest rout, as that maddening archetypal
figure: the glib golden boy who slides through on charm and a smile.

Case in point:

--Jason Zengerle 

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