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That Woman, Take Two


A propos of Jon's item yesterday: I, too, assumed Hillary's line about her experience with "evil and bad men" was a joke about Bill's wandering eye (and worse). I hate to be forced to explain the basic mechanics of humor, but Ben Smith's odd interpretation aside, comparing your cheating husband to Osama bin Laden is funny precisely because it is inaccurate.

Beyond that, this is just the kind of self-deprecating reminder of what she went through that helps humanize Hillary. Lest we forget, she's never been more popular than she was during the Lewinsky scandal and its aftermath. Indeed, it was widespread sympathy for her predicament that helped land her in the Senate in the first place.

Which got me thinking: If Hillary is truly as Machiavellian as people imagine, and if the most popular thing she's ever done is have her husband get caught cheating on her, why not, you know, try it again? It'd be easy enough to engineer, although the timing and details would of course be important. A scenario in which Bill was caught in flagranto at an office Christmas party would, I imagine, have the twin advantages of breaking just in time for primary season and seeming particularly squalid. But I'd trust Hillary's campaign staff to work out the particulars.

It's diabolical enough to make Dick Morris weep: Bill gets his nookie, Hillary gets her Woman Wronged bounce in time for New Hampshire, the young lady in question gets her own line of handbags...

--Christopher Orr

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