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Yet More Evidence That Rasheed Wallace Is A Keen Judge Of Character

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First, it was his assessment of President Bush. Now, it's his assessment of Tom Donaghy, the NBA ref currently at the center of a FBI gambling investigation. The NYT's William Rhoden write$:

Hunter said that none of the players had expressed any knowledge about an investigation, although some players, Rasheed Wallace in particular, had expressed concerns about Donaghy. In 2003, the N.B.A. suspended Wallace, then with Portland, for seven games after he confronted Donaghy on the loading dock of the Rose Garden arena. Donaghy had called a technical foul on Wallace during a game against Memphis.
Hunter said the players union challenged the fines levied against Wallace. "We got most of his money back because we just thought this guy was way out of line when he confronted Rasheed when it was all about the calls that he had made during the course of the game," Hunter said.

Granted, Rasheed has probably tangled with every ref he's ever come across since he was playing in rec leagues. But I think Donaghy's the only one he's gotten into it with on a loading dock. Maybe 'Sheed knew something David Stern didn't.

P.S. It's not exactly reassuring that the bumbling Stu Jackson is the NBA exec in charge of making sure refs aren't fixing games and what not.

--Jason Zengerle

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