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National Review's Ramesh Ponnuru, who seems to be supporting John McCain, points out that Rudy Giuliani has flop-flopped on the merits of a flat tax.

At The American Spectator, Giuliani supporter Philip Klein replies. He concedes that Rudy Giuliani is a flip-flopper. "Clearly, most normal human beings who read those statements would rightly come to the conclusion that Giuliani changed his position on the flat tax," he writes.

But, Klein insists, at least Giuliani isn't as brazen as Romney:

My criticisms of Romney have been based on the nature of his metamorphosis. It is not a single flip flop alone, but the number of flip flops, the dramatic lengths he goes to alter his position, the timing of his conversions, and the arrogance with which he has wielded his new found positions as a stick to beat up on his opponents.

I wouldn't hold Giuliani up on a pedestal to be beyond any form of political posturing, but at the same time, at least he hasn't completely remade himself on every issue, and is still willing to stand up and say he disagrees with the conservative point of view sometimes." [emphasis mine]

High praise!

Ramesh Ponnuru hits back. "Romney has flip-flopped on more issues," he writes, "But I think Klein underestimates how brazen Giuliani's flip-flop on partial-birth abortion was."

Like hemophiliacs going at one another with chainsaws, I tell you.

--Jonathan Chait

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