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And, Now, ' The New York Times ' On Darfur


"A first step to save Darfur," that's what the Times calls the unanimous U.N. Security Council resolution that may deploy--not will deploy, there are all kinds of caveats and "ifs" and "buts"--26,000 armed men (this is Africa, after all) to do what? It's not exactly certain. The Times writes, "Stopping the slaughter would require not only disarming the janjaweed but..." Hey, wait a minute. The resolution expressly forbids the soldiers from disarming these genocidists. The Times is so pleased to have a consensus at the U.N. from which everything good flows. Everything. "Stopping the slaughter must come first," says the Times. And the paper's editorial credits China and the Arab League for supporting this end. They don't.

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