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Romney Calls The Cops


Mitt Romney does not make his ends meet. Not at all. For years, he employed illegal immigrant workers as landscapers and gardeners on his private estate. (I pointed this out here and here.) Who doesn't hire illegals? Almost no one. But Romney's presidential campaign is premised, among other intolerances, on a malevolent attitude to outsiders whom all sectors of society have conspired to bring in, to hire, to exploit. Just like Romney did. As his gubernatorial tenure was expiring in Massachusetts and when Bay Staters had not seen him for weeks and weeks, he made a mean-spirited arrangement with the State Police that they could pick up and charge any illegals with being here illegally even if they were not so much as littering the sidewalk. This was one of his midnight decisions. (He has also made midnight appointments.)

It's a relief to tell you that with the incoming Democratic governor, Deval Patrick, being inaugurated on January 1 (by the way, Romney is not coming to the inauguration), this arrangement will stop. Romney's instincts are ugly. The country has a social and legal problem that it cannot settle or solve. And the instinct of a candidate for the GOP nomination for president is to call the cops. Yuk.

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