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The Beginning Of The End


Please take a look at my Spine of October 3, about the 300 Muslim taxi-drivers in Minneapolis-St. Paul who won't pick up passengers who they suspect are carrying booze. A small incident, containable, not a big deal. A pig's ass, not a big deal. This is the next tactic.

So, just in time and on target two days after, here is a report from London in The Jerusalem Post about a Muslim constable in the Metropolitan Police's Diplomatic Protection Group who has refused to guard the Israeli Embassy in Kensington. And his refusal has been sanctioned by his superiors.

John O'Connor, a former Flying Squad commander, observed that this is "the beginning of the end for British policing. The Metropolitan Police are setting a precedent they will come to bitterly regret."

Yes, police of Indian origin will not agree to guard the Pakistani embassy or legations of Muslim countries, generally. Are Muslims going to refuse duty at the embassy of Denmark? If where you do your guarding becomes a matter of personal choice, who but extremist Muslims would want to protect the Iranian embassy? Given the number of anti-American Muslims in Great Britain, don't you see trouble down the line for protecting the safety of the U.S. embassy in Grosvenor Square?

And, just as an afterthought about who feels in need of protection, The Daily Telegraph reported this summer that 53 percent of Brits feel threatened by Islam. The poll also showed that 18 percent agree that "a large proportion of British Muslims feel no sense of loyalty to this country and are prepared to condone or even carry out acts of terrorism." The populace may soon come to think that maybe Muslims shouldn't be permitted to protect anyone.

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